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System: Android 5.0
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G SHOCK is a utility that may be required for use by those who have purchased a watch from Casio's G SHOCK line. This watch is distinguished by the fact that it allows you to customize the watch using an Android smartphone or tablet. The list of supported devices can be found on the official website of the company. We are talking about the most popular models of the company.


To connect, you need to spend a minimum amount of time. So, you just need to turn on a wireless connection using Bluetooth, and then give permission to the utility to track your location. After that, the smartphone will detect your watch on its own and provide instructions on how to fully connect it. Follow these steps to start controlling your watch using your smartphone.


Once connected, the utility gives you the ability to manage your watch. You will be able to set alarms, synchronize data, and much more. Note that the available functions may vary significantly from model to model, which will change the set of features of the G SHOCK utility. Some watches have functions for working underwater, activity tracking and transferring the collected statistics to the program. One of the convenient functions is to search for your smartphone as quickly as possible using your watch. To do this, you can press a button on the case to make the device emit a vibration. This way you will be able to find it in the house, if necessary.

Main Features

  • The program is designed to manage the G SHOCK series watches;
  • You can perform customization, manage statistics collection and so on;
  • Only Bluetooth will be required to connect the watch;
  • Different watch models will have different available features;
  • The utility is designed for devices that are characterized by water resistance.

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