Category: Entertainment
System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
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LikeStar is a simple utility that is quite a powerful solution for performing photo processing with people's faces. With the help of many built-in functions, you can almost automatically change the image of a person's face. All results are saved to the internal memory of the smartphone, from where you can export them directly to social networks or the internet.

Changing appearance

It should be understood that LikeStar is able to perform processing in only one direction - to change the appearance, trying on the features of some famous person to your photos. To begin with, you will need to import a picture into the program, and then begin the editing procedure. Simply select the celebrity whose features you want to apply to this source. Next, the program will start scanning the original image to determine the boundaries of the face and break it into separate fragments. In this way, you will be able to highlight the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. After that, the face of the celebrity is also broken into individual fragments and applied to your source. This approach allows you to achieve a very high accuracy, while making the processing procedure automated. Note that the program has very clever algorithms, which you can slightly change by making changes to the similarity parameter. The more you move the slider, the more the result will change.

Main Features

  • The program is designed for complex processing of photos with the image of the face;
  • During processing, the face will change to the face of a celebrity;
  • For this purpose, the program has a clever algorithm of work, which allows you to achieve a high degree of realism;
  • After processing, the other aspects will not be changed;
  • All results are saved to the internal memory of the smartphone.

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