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System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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IntelInvest is a utility designed for active investors. With its help, you can create your own portfolios and then monitor their efficiency and statistics.


The program is a part of the IntelInvest platform. With its help, you can track the dynamics of changes in the value of various assets, as well as track your own statistics. The utility will help you better understand the fluctuations in the market, which help you buy and sell your own assets in time. This solution is ideal for both novice investors and experienced market players. Using the analytics tab, you can get access to automatically built charts of price changes, the ratio of the value of your assets and so on. All these charts and graphs will help you better understand the value of your portfolio right now, which is required to make decisions on making changes.

Investment Management

In addition to analytics, you can also make changes to your portfolios. To do this, simply connect your accounts to IntelInvest, after which you can manage them from one place. The program can work with exchanges in London, Moscow, America and so on. All financial transactions are entered into the history, from where they can be studied in more detail. Thanks to filtering, you can find a specific operation and analyze its success after a certain amount of time. Note that the IntelInvest program can work with all types of assets, from securities to bonds and currencies.

Main Features

  • The program is designed to simplify investing;
  • It has analytical functions for easier market research;
  • Allows you to connect your accounts to manage your investment portfolio from one place;
  • All financial transactions are entered into the transaction history;
  • The history has filters by instrument, so you can search faster.
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