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Category: VPN
System: Android 8.0
Program Status: Free
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Jax VPN is a software that allows you to browse blocked resources on the internet. Moreover, it offers numerous useful features, including bypassing ISP restrictions, hiding the real ip address and encrypting internet traffic. Thus, you can open blocked resources, view content where territorial restrictions appear, and perform other similar actions.


This program allows you to set up a virtual private network so that you can browse content on the Internet without any restrictions. It gives you free access to unblock web sites. It allows you to quickly connect to servers that are located in different countries to bypass ISP restrictions. Examples of such countries include USA, Netherlands, Japan, and many more. The utility has maximum bandwidth, thanks to which it is as pleasant to operate as possible. Immediately it is worth noting that it is impossible to independently select the country before connecting. It automatically connects to the most secure and fastest virtual network. In the application there are restrictions on the use of servers. To increase the time it is necessary to sometimes view advertising or make a paid subscription.


The mobile client is specifically designed to protect the Internet while you are surfing it. VPN connection ensures constant operation of networks that are not connected to each other in any way. The application allows absolutely safe and trouble-free contact with users from different parts of the world. To use it, you do not need to register in it. Also vpn-service does not require additional permissions for operation. Traffic encryption is implemented here to protect location tracking. The mobile client can be used to hide the real ip address and secure data transfer.


  • An excellent VPN service that encrypts internet traffic, hides ip address and allows you to visit blocked web portals;
  • possibility to download and use the program for free;
  • compatibility with android.

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