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Pic Collage

Pic Collage
Category: Collages
System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 1 905


Pic Collage makes collages from ordinary photos. The application is simple and easy to use. In the ready-made library of templates, the user will find the necessary options for working with pictures. Using Pic Collage, you can create interesting photo collages: save them in a folder for home viewing, print and share your work in a social network. The application has many tools that make it easy to work with photos.

Important information

The official Google store with the developers warned users about the presence of paid content and advertising information. In the free version of the application will not have all the features. Having bought the Pro version, you can use Pic Collage without restrictions.


There are many collage layouts in the app's library for Android devices. Basically, these layouts are created as rectangles and squares. Each layout is divided into several blocks located in different places. One layout holds four squares. A photograph is superimposed into a square. Another layout consists of three squares, where the two vertical ones are at the bottom and the horizontal one is at the top. The user selects the desired layout type and creates a collage of their photos. If necessary, a background can be set. By selecting background images from a list or by uploading your own. The user overlays whole photos, cuts out unnecessary parts from the photos and uses them as stickers. There are many stickers in Pic Collage: fruits, leaves, frames and inscriptions. Using a set of fonts, the user creates his own inscriptions. A beautiful greeting for a photo can be created with a choice of colors and different collage quotes. The photo is ready - send it to your friends. Using Pic Collage for Android, you can publish projects to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Having made a collage from a photo, the user can post it on popular social networks.

Key features

  • large selection of ready-made layouts for collages;
  • ready images in the catalog are inserted for the collage background;
  • creating inscriptions for collages using a library of fonts;
  • Pic Collage allows you to buy additional elements;
  • sticker sets decorate photos and pictures;
  • ability to create publications: built-in support for social networks and messengers;
  • The application can be run on older versions of the Android operating system.
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