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STV Player

STV Player
Category: Recording
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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STV Player is a program created by the television company STV Group from Scotland. With the help of the mobile utility, users are able to watch live TV channels, study TV schedules and much more. The application has an intuitive interface in English. There is a built-in player.


The first thing that the user will need to do when turning on the utility for the first time is to create a personal account. While going through the registration process, the software will ask for a zip code, date of birth, last name, email and first name. Then, based on where the user lives, the program will display a list of available airwaves for him. It is worth noting that you can only use the mobile application if you have an Internet connection.

Utility functionality

The mobile program includes a player through which the user can watch live broadcasts of various TV channels. If desired, a person can transfer the broadcast from the display of a portable device to a TV or other mobile gadget. The application gives the opportunity to watch previously aired series, TV shows and so on. You can study the list of available videos in the corresponding section. All shows, series, TV programs and other content is divided into a number of categories. Among them: entertainment, news, science, for children and so on. Going to the section called "TV Guide", a person will be able to check the schedule of TV broadcasting of different channels. Thanks to this, the user will not miss the show that he wants to watch.


  • Ability to watch live broadcasts of different TV channels;
  • Compatibility with a large number of Android versions;
  • There is a section with recordings of different shows, cartoons and more;
  • Free download of the utility and its use;
  • The list of available TV channels differs depending on where you live.
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