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Category: Maps
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 118


PetroBus is an unofficial Android application for viewing bus routes in Petropavlovsk. You can find out the approximate time of arrival of the next bus to a certain stop.


The main page of the program contains an interactive map of the city with markings of all stops. All routes that pass through a certain point are also indicated. There is a built-in function to search for information by route number. The usual gestures are used for control, you can adjust the scale and move to the desired location. When highlighting on the map, the whole route is displayed. You can select up to three buses to compare their routes and find the best one. For convenience, they are marked with different colors. When you select a particular route, a separate panel displays basic information. You can find out the identifier, number and current position. It should be taken into account that the program uses data from the official service "MSBUS Passenger". Previously, the platform radically changed the principle of operation, which disrupted the functioning of the program. At the time of testing the developers are still looking for ways to solve the problem.


It is possible to create a personal account, a cell phone is indicated. For confirmation it is necessary to enter a verification code. It is possible to specify a travel payment card for balance tracking. The program contains an additional section with useful information and description of functionality. All permissions that are required for correct operation are also specified. There is an opportunity to send a message to the developers.


  • bus tracking;
  • only Petropavlovsk is supported;
  • interactive city map;
  • registration by phone number;
  • free download.
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