Category: News
System: Android 5.1
Program Status: Free
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Feedly is an Android app that is a news aggregator. You can add various sources, including news resources and blogs. All publications are added to a common feed, and you can receive notifications. The main standards are supported, which allows you to connect resources of different types.


The program allows you to integrate publications from different platforms for viewing in a convenient interface. At the initial stage, the user needs to select the resources from which the information will be collected, you can also specify topics or companies. Records by keywords will also be added to the feed. A built-in algorithm is used to collect suitable content. The service allows you to track novelties from various sites, including highly specialized projects. The RSS standard is supported, which facilitates data collection. Integration with popular social networks, including Facebook and Pinterest.


A personalized news feed is displayed on the start page. The currently popular topics are available in a separate tab. Scrolling to the right activates the bookmarks panel, where you can add interesting materials for further study. The next tab contains the main menu. A link to a publication can be quickly copied to send it to another user. Swipe to the left opens the settings section. You can change the set of keywords for collecting publications and the frequency of updating the feed. A separate section gives access to the settings of the notification mode. The user can specify cities, companies, topics, and so on. The tab also allows you to add a new site for tracking or remove the source.


  • Access to a personalized news feed;
  • tracking publications by keywords;
  • different types of sites are supported;
  • receive notifications;
  • free download.

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