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Network Tools

Network Tools
Category: Other (Network)
System: Android 2.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 98


Network Tools is an Android application that allows you to remotely monitor the availability of network devices. It provides a large number of tools for network diagnostics, supports scheduled monitoring and notification when a failure is detected.


The main functionality of the program is aimed at convenient monitoring of server availability. After installing the program, you need to specify a list of hosts to be monitored - IP address or domain name. It is possible to add comments and group records by groups for easy navigation. This makes the work easier when tracking a large number of devices. Sorting is possible by date, current status or name. On the next step, you specify the check mode. You can specify a certain period or choose manual start. The program supports the function of logging all events, which makes it easier to track the occurrence of a failure and get detailed information about the problem.


You can receive notifications when any node in the list is unavailable. You can choose a melody or use the vibration mode.


A separate tab allows you to use ping or traceroute commands - these are standard tools for checking whether packets can be delivered to a particular server. A separate option allows you to specify the maximum number of hops and the number of packets in a set. You can check different nodes - routers in the local network, external sites and so on.


  • a set of tools for tracking the availability of external servers;
  • manual and automatic mode;
  • built-in log of all events;
  • notification mode when a host is unavailable;
  • hosts can be grouped by arbitrary characteristics;
  • free download.

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