Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 122


GameZone is an Android application, which is a collection of games in different genres. In the catalog you can find arcades, races, puzzles and so on. A description of the game and screenshots are provided.

Declared functions

The start page of the program displays a catalog with icons of games. To launch it is enough to click on the desired image. No additional installation is required, the game will be launched automatically.


In the process of testing the program it turned out that only three mini-games are launched correctly. When clicking on the others, a message is displayed that the content is under development. The launch dates are not reported. The first game is a classic three-in-a-row puzzle. The rules are standard - on the playing field are tiles with different sweets, which can be changed places. If vertically or horizontally coincide three identical elements, they are removed, and the free space is filled with new tiles. Points are awarded for each removal, there are additional bonuses for complex combinations. The remaining two games are two simple comic arcade games in 2D format. Retro style and simple controls are used - the user needs to fire at the enemy and dodge various obstacles. There are difficulty levels and points accrual.


It is worth considering that there is no additional functionality in the application. There is no possibility to create a personal account, the function of saving progress is not provided, there is no record table and history. When you start the game starts over.


  • a selection of simple games;
  • no menus and settings are provided;
  • only three games from the set work;
  • no progress guarding or ranking is provided;
  • free download.
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