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Category: Maps
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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Kinbery is an Android application that allows you to control the movement of users. Developed by Beeline specialists, it allows you to combine devices into a group and show their current position on the map.


The program must be pre-installed on all devices that are planned to be tracked. To create a personal account, you can use the number of any operator of the Russian Federation. To integrate smartphones into one system, a special code is used, which is generated on the client device. The code is periodically updated, it must be entered carefully - after three errors, the utility is blocked for one hour. This measure is designed to protect users' personal information by blocking the possibility of password guessing by unauthorized persons.

Family locator

In a separate tab of the application, a convenient map is available, on which active devices are displayed in the form of visual markers. The service can be used to ensure the safety of the elderly and children. To fix the location, a combined scheme is used - data from cell towers, GPS module and Wi-Fi access point are taken into account. The SOS function is provided; when activated, the current location is sent to all relatives in the form of a mailing. There is also a mode "Invisible" to hide the smartphone.


The program logs the history of all movements for the last 24 hours. You can add individual locations to receive notifications. This will allow you to quickly find out the time when the child came to school or returned home. Adding an area is done in visual mode with the help of a map. You need to select the appropriate area and customize the size. Customization is carried out by dragging and dropping. A separate option allows you to monitor the battery level. When it drops to a certain level, a message is also sent out. The option allows you to provide continuous tracking of the smartphone. It is worth considering that some of the features are available only as part of a subscription. It is purchased by one user only and applies to all devices in the group. All conditions can be found on a separate tab. Available tariffs, list of features and payment schemes are indicated.


  • Convenient tracking of family members' movements;
  • SOS function;
  • battery level detection;
  • location-specific alerts;
  • free download.

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