Category: Social media
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 185


Nuca is an Android app that lets you quickly share photos with friends. Only content taken with the camera is supported. Social tools are provided - you can make new friends and rate their content. The developers note that only uploading new photos from the camera is supported. This eliminates the possibility of creating fake accounts with a selection of prepared photos. At the same time, it is guaranteed that the photo is not processed using specialized software. At the stage of uploading, you can customize the access mode. For example, you can make them public or limit them to friends only.


One of the non-standard features is the ability to put a photo up for sale by specifying a certain price. If another user is interested in the content, he or she has the opportunity to purchase the image. The amount is transferred to the electronic account linked to the account. The user can select a suitable category and specify a description of the file. Potential buyers can use the search module or browse the desired rubric. Additional filters are provided, for example, you can display files from a specific user or with the desired parameters. It is worth taking into account that there are standard restrictions for publications - violence, violation of the law, adult content, and so on. Beginning users are recommended to familiarize themselves with the full list beforehand, which will help to avoid blocking. In the help section, you can also find the rules for selling photos, the peculiarities of withdrawal and other financial issues. Additionally, you can contact the developers for consultation.


  • you can publish only photos from your camera;
  • you can sell photos for real money;
  • you can search for new friends;
  • setting the level of privacy when adding content;
  • free download.
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