Category: Other (System)
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 110


Shizuku is an application for Andoid that allows you to get full access to utilities with root rights. It uses a simple interface, there are detailed instructions for use. The program allows you to access the source code and internal file structure. You can view the contents even of packages that require ADB permission to run. For example, the user can access a set of permissions to change parameters. It is possible to disable notifications that only interfere with work. Experienced users have the ability to more finely customize the mode of operation of the software. At the same time, it is worth being careful, since it is possible to disrupt the performance of the program.


The application has a detailed installation instruction built in. You can find a description of all the features, interface features. Examples of work and much more. For installation, you can use several options:
  • launching after connecting to a PC;
  • opening as a superuser;
  • using wireless debugging.
Each scheme has its own peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages. For example, the second option is available only if you have maximum privileges in the system. In most cases, the operating system does not grant such powers to the user, and an additional application may be required to increase the rights. Manufacturers are reluctant to grant root privileges, as this reduces system security and often leads to system malfunction after making incorrect settings. In the worst case, an inexperienced user can render the device inoperable. When connecting to a PC, it is necessary to activate the ADB mode beforehand. Operation via wireless mode is possible only in versions of Android 11 and older. Description of these modes can also be found in the help section.


  • Gain full access to applications with root privileges;
  • detailed instructions;
  • several connection methods;
  • ADB permissions can be used;
  • free download.

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