Fulldive VR

Fulldive VR
Category: Social media
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Fulldive VR is the official Android client of the social platform of the same name. The platform is aimed at fans of VR content. In the catalog you can find games, videos and photos in this format. It is possible to discuss publications, subscribe to users, publish your projects and much more.


More than a million videos, a large number of panoramic photos and games are available in the catalog. Special virtual reality glasses are required for viewing. There is an internal virtual currency, which is accrued for activity. It is possible to withdraw it:
  • exchange it for cryptocurrency;
  • buy Amazon gift cards;
  • transfer it to charity.

Content creation

Tools are provided for uploading your own content. A photo or video goes into the general feed, there is an opportunity to add reactions and comments. Interesting channels can be subscribed to form a personalized feed. In this case, a notification will be sent when updating. There is a rating system, as well as an algorithm for selecting appropriate content that takes into account the user's preferences.


While viewing with VR glasses, an additional menu is displayed on the screen to access functionality. You can adjust the zoom, read comments, add bookmarks, and adjust the audio level. A description of the service and technical limitations can be found in the help section. You can find the rules for publishing content and a list of supported devices. It is also worth considering that topics that are prohibited are provided. For clarification, you can contact the support service.


  • social network for VR fans;
  • special glasses are required for viewing;
  • virtual coins are awarded for viewing, which can be withdrawn;
  • you can subscribe to channels and add comments;
  • free download.

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