Category: Antiviruses
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 155


Norton is a software that is responsible for protecting your Android device from all kinds of threats. There is an opportunity to check the memory of the device for various viruses, spyware and more. It also allows you to scan Wi-Fi networks, hide calls from suspicious numbers and much more. Free time of use of the application is limited to one month.

Threat Finder

The main purpose of the program is to find and then eliminate dangerous files that can cause harm to the mobile gadget. At the same time, the utility can search for such elements in the background. Also, a person can start the process of thorough memory analysis. It is worth noting that the user can use the toolkit of the program for free for only one month. Then he will be offered to purchase a subscription. In case of refusal, access to the functionality of the software will be blocked.


The mobile application is able to monitor the security of user information, including passwords, gallery photos, and so on. In addition, the software monitors what permissions other utilities receive. If any software tries to use the device's camera, microphone or memory, the user will receive a corresponding warning. To avoid receiving such alerts when using verified programs, a person can create a whitelist.


The application has a special tool responsible for checking Wi-Fi networks. Thanks to this, the user can find out how safe it is to connect to a particular access point.


  • Ability to find viruses and other dangerous software;
  • Memory scanning mode in the background;
  • Compatible with a large number of OC versions;
  • Option to block suspicious numbers is available;
  • It is possible to scan wireless networks.

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