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Princess of the Dead

Princess of the Dead
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 123


Princess of the Dead is a video game that can be run on Android devices. The entertainment project is a visual novel with the ability to influence the course of history. The interface of the game is translated into a number of languages, including German and Russian.

The beginning of the game

When the user turns on the mobile project for the first time, he will be offered to choose one of several languages. Among the available options:
  • French;
  • English;
  • Russian;
  • German;
  • Spanish.
The interface and dialogs will be displayed in the language selected by the user. If desired, the user can change it in the settings of the mobile video game. The last step before starting the passage is to enter the name of the main character.

Plot and gameplay

The story of this video game takes place in a world in which a zombie virus appeared, which destroyed a significant part of the population of the planet. The main character of the visual novel travels in the company of three young people. With them, if desired, you can make a love relationship. Since this video game belongs to the genre of visual novel, there is almost no gameplay. Most of the time, the gamer will have to click on the screen to move to the next segment of text. However, at some points, the user will need to make decisions. The course of the story changes depending on the actions and answers chosen by the user. Also, a certain set of decisions can lead to the beginning of a relationship with one of the companions of the protagonist. In the menu of the video game you can open the archive with past replicas of characters. Also in the entertainment project there is an option that allows you to return to the past choices and choose another option.


  • A visual novel aimed at a female audience;
  • Free installation and walkthrough;
  • Some answer choices and actions are unlocked for a fee;
  • Guaranteed compatibility with many versions of Android;
  • There is localization into Russian.

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