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System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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POMOSCH is a mobile utility compatible with current versions of the Android operating system. With the help of this program users get the opportunity to participate in charity. There is a built-in map showing the addresses of people in need. The functionality of the service is available to residents of Russia.

Money transfers

When turning on the utility for the first time, a person will see a registration window. At this stage, the user will need to specify a mobile number and then confirm it through a code from an SMS message. Next, the person will have to attach a card of any Russian bank to the account. This utility is designed to provide financial assistance to elderly people. An authorized user can send a sum of money to the fund, which will be further distributed among pensioners. It should be noted that a person is not allowed to make transfers of more than 3500 Russian rubles. If desired, the user can help a particular person. To do this, the user should open the section with a built-in map. On it, the mobile program displays the places of residence of pensioners in need. The tags shown on the map are allowed to filter into two groups. The first category includes those who are still waiting for help. The second group includes people for whom a sufficient amount of money has already been collected.


By going to the personal account section, a person can check the results of their assistance. If the user has previously sent money, he will eventually receive a report from the fund staff. Each report contains pictures and a receipt confirming the purchase of the necessary products for the pensioner.


  • A program that allows you to participate in charity;
  • The service works on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • There is a limit on the maximum amount of transfer equal to 3500 rubles;
  • Russian-language interface text;
  • There is a map showing addresses of people in need;
  • Correct work on modern versions of the mobile system;
  • It is possible to receive reports.
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