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Domestika is a software that contains a large number of educational courses on various topics. With the help of the utility content users can improve their knowledge in programming, cooking, graphic design and other areas.

Creating a profile

First of all, a person will have to register by specifying his e-mail. In addition, the application allows you to create an account by entering data from your Facebook profile. After registration, it is advisable to attach a bank card or e-wallet to the account. This will come in handy to pay for courses.

Educational courses

The start page of the mobile utility displays the most popular courses. Also, a person can search for the classes he needs through the search bar. The online service has a huge number of courses of various topics. These include:
  • Fashion Design;
  • Cooking;
  • Architecture;
  • Programming;
  • 3D modeling;
  • Marketing and Business;
  • Poster Design;
  • Video game development;
  • Video and Photography.
There are video clips in each course. It should be noted that they have English voiceovers.

Access to the courses

The courses presented in the online service are paid. However, a person is able to get free access to a significant part of the content by taking a trial period. It lasts for one month. Also, the educational platform regularly holds promotions, during which it is possible to purchase educational classes at a reduced cost.


  • Educational service with a large selection of training courses;
  • There are classes on programming, architecture, cooking and more;
  • All the content of the utility is in English only;
  • Before using the program you need to create a personal account;
  • New classes are regularly added to the program;
  • Full compatibility with new versions of mobile OC;
  • Availability of a trial period for free familiarization with the content;
  • It is possible to download the purchased course to the gadget's memory.
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