Faberlic 2

Faberlic 2
Category: Online shopping and shopping
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Faberlic 2 is an Android application from a popular cosmetics brand. Provides access to the current catalog of the company, it is possible to place orders and contact company representatives.


After installation, the application asks the user for the city and language. Then you can create a personal account by specifying a phone number. Additionally, personal information and an e-mail address are specified. The personal cabinet provides a number of additional functions, including the ability to place orders and add items to favorites. You can also receive push notifications.


In addition to the standard categories, the company's selections are available - novelties, popular, promotions and so on. The product card contains a detailed description, composition, set of photos, cost, article and other information. A separate tab allows you to read the reviews of other users. For decorative cosmetics there is an additional panel with a palette of shades. A block with similar products and recommendations is also displayed. The product can be put aside using the Favorites panel or added to the Shopping Cart for further checkout.


The company publishes updated versions of catalogs, usually every three weeks. The program allows you to access the archive for the last year. A built-in reader is used to open files - you can adjust the scale, perform convenient page navigation, save pages to a local catalog, make bookmarks and much more. A selection of products from the spread is displayed as a separate section, from which the product can be added directly to the cart. You can also see a detailed description. The help section contains all the necessary information for working with the platform. There are instructions for ordering a new product. Built-in chat allows you to contact the support team.


  • access to the current catalog;
  • ordering products with delivery;
  • electronic version of the catalog;
  • built-in reader;
  • free download.

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