Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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DPTH is an Android app that allows you to use artificial intelligence to adjust the depth and sharpness in your photos. The desired settings can be changed in manual mode. It is possible to upload photos directly from the smartphone camera.


After opening the program, the main camera of the smartphone is automatically launched. If necessary, you can switch to the front camera or upload a file from the gallery. All major file formats are supported. After uploading the source data, the program starts to analyze the photo, this operation may take 10-60 seconds. After the operation is completed, a corresponding notification is displayed. The settings panel allows you to correct blur and scene depth. You can also manually select an arbitrary object to focus on, while the rest of the area remains blurred. More advanced users can switch to depth map mode for more information. Once finished, you can save the file to your device. The program allows you to immediately send the file to another user via messenger or publish it on a social media page.


By default, a watermark is added to each photo. You can remove it in two ways:
  • Upgrade to the Pro version, which costs $2.99;
  • view a commercial.
It is worth taking into account that the advertisement viewing is valid only for the current picture, further the logo will be displayed again. Information about payment methods can be found in the help section. Also available are instructions for working with the program, a description of the main functions and interface.


  • artificial intelligence is used for photo processing;
  • depth map generation;
  • data can be uploaded as a file or a new photo can be taken;
  • you can set the focus on a certain object;
  • in the basic version, a logo is superimposed on the image.

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