Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Plantix is an Android application that uses artificial intelligence to identify plant diseases. An extensive database is used, and there is also an option to discuss the issue with other users. A convenient diary of plant condition is built in. It is worth considering that at the time of publication the program did not support the Russian language. The main interface is represented by three windows: community, plants and personal page. The plants page displays all the previously selected crops, which simplifies the work of the neural network. For diagnostics it is enough to upload a high-quality image with signs of disease. All current photo formats are supported. You can upload content from the gallery or take a new picture using the camera. It is recommended to use several angles to increase the probability of correct recognition. After analyzing and processing the data, the application will display the most appropriate disease, its detailed description and treatment methods. A separate page contains a selection of care recommendations and links to additional materials. If the utility failed to recognize the problem, you can turn to the community. It is quite active, there are many specialists. It is recommended to write a new message in English. The platform also allows you to join the discussion of other users to share your experience. It is also important to add a full description of the problem and a set of snapshots. Alerts are provided for the receipt of responses. In the settings, you can disable this option. It is possible to add important topics


  • Disease detection using a neural network;
  • access to an extensive community;
  • built-in plant diary;
  • multi-language interface, Russian is not supported;
  • free download.

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