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Tefal Robots

Tefal Robots
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.1
Program Status: Free
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Tefal Robots is the official Android app for controlling smart vacuum cleaners from the brand of the same name. You can create a schedule, access settings, generate a map of the room, contact the company and so on.


It is worth considering that the application supports only certain models of the company. The full list is available in a separate tab.

Schedules and maps

After installation and launch, it is necessary to synchronize devices. A wireless network is used, the search is carried out in automatic mode, after which a list of all detected devices is displayed. After pairing is confirmed, all available functionality is activated. With the help of a convenient editor you can form a map of the current room, it is possible to exclude areas. The built-in scheduler allows you to create a long-term cleaning algorithm. A large number of parameters are available - days, time, area, vacuum cleaner mode and power. There are two modes of operation - Smart and full pass along all walls.

Maintenance and statistics

All activity history is saved in the logbook, and all deviations from normal operation are added. Statistics on the distance traveled and cleaning time are generated separately. In the parameters you can activate the mode of sending notifications about the start of a new stage. This will allow you to monitor the work of the device in real time. The next tab contains tools for vacuum cleaner maintenance. In case of any problems, you can contact the support team through the built-in chat.


  • official app;
  • allows you to control some models of Tefal vacuum cleaners;
  • cleaning map customization;
  • built-in scheduler;
  • access to logs and statistics;
  • free download.

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