Category: Social media
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 113


Folio is an Android app that is a tool for combining multiple social networks. In a single interface, you can view news feeds, correspond with users and track updates. It is worth considering that the application is not official, it is created and supported by an independent team of developers.


The main difference from the original clients is the improved power consumption mode. Background processes are not used, which noticeably reduces the load on the battery. At the same time, all basic functionality is available, including receiving notifications.

Communication and accounts

As the main social network is used Facebook at the first launch of the program, the user needs to authorize in this account. Later it is possible to connect Instagram twitter and other platforms. All publications will be collected using a common feed. A separate tab provides access to correspondence via Facebook Messenger. The next section contains the news feed from subscribed users. You can add comments, put reactions and share links.

Options and settings

The program allows you to receive notifications about various events. These can be new publications, birthdays, replies and so on. Other social networking functions are also available. You can join groups, search for new friends, view pages, content, and so on. There is an option to save photos and videos to your mobile device. A large number of settings for the interface are available, the mode of operation of alerts is specified separately. In the help section, a list of supported platforms, customization features, a list of permissions and other useful information is available.


  • Combining several social networks in a single interface;
  • receiving notifications;
  • convenient publication feed;
  • free download.

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