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System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
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FreeFlight is the official Android app for drone control from Parrot. It allows you to turn your mobile device into a full-fledged remote control. Various modes of operation are provided, allowing users with different skill levels to use the app.

Setup and features

Connection to the device is carried out in automatic mode. It is necessary to activate a new scan to search for suitable devices, then select the desired drone in the list and confirm pairing. After receiving confirmation, you can proceed to the initial configuration. The program works correctly with cameras, provides an aerial photography mode. You can preconfigure the quality and format of files. Frame rate and white balance are separately configured, which allows you to adapt the work to different conditions. When working in photo mode, there is an option to specify the interval between frames. Streaming mode to the screen of a mobile device is supported. Built-in algorithms ensure minimal latency and high video quality.

Data storage and profile

After creating a personal account, a number of additional options are available. You can access the Parrot Cloud catalog. This significantly expands the possibilities for saving videos in high resolution. The resulting link allows you to quickly share content with other users.


The program allows you to plan complex flight patterns based on a set of control points. A convenient interactive map is used for work. It is worth considering that a number of options are paid. In the help section you can find a complete list, available tariffs and payment instructions.


  • The utility is designed for drones from Parrot;
  • photo and video capture mode;
  • proprietary cloud storage;
  • autonomous flight planning;
  • free download.

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