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Rakhsh Taxi

Rakhsh Taxi
Category: Other (Travel)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Rakhsh Taxi is an Android program that allows you to order a cab in Tajikistan. Several fares are available, current geolocation is supported, there is a built-in map and a section with useful information.


The service is available in large cities and many villages. Registration is carried out automatically, without communication with the operator. Pre-order function is available - you can choose the date and time. It is also possible to place an order for another person, specifying his phone number. After the car is assigned, he will receive a notification. In the process of registration the program allows you to choose additional options and add comments - the presence of air conditioning, smoking salon, transportation of animals, from which side to approach and so on.

Calling a cab

To access the personal account you need to pass a simple registration by phone number. To place an order, you must specify the end and start points, as well as the tariff. You can enter addresses manually or search for objects through search. Automatic detection of the current geolocation is supported. After entering all the data, the cost of the order is displayed. The algorithm assigns the nearest free car, the status is displayed on the screen, push notifications are also provided. At this stage, there is an opportunity to contact the driver who is assigned. A separate panel displays the approximate time of arrival. Payment is possible with cash or with a bank card, it must be pre-bound in the application. If you need to receive checks, you need to specify an email in the settings, the file will be sent automatically after the completion of the trip. The built-in chat allows you to contact the support service. You can solve financial issues, complain about the service, report an error and so on.


  • official application for ordering a cab in Tajikistan;
  • payment by bank card is possible;
  • several fares, additional options;
  • determination of current geolocation;
  • free download.
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