Category: Education and e-books
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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WolframAlpha is an Android utility that contains a large knowledge base in various fields. A large number of algorithms for performing calculations are also available. The program is an official client of the AI-based platform of the same name. The service has been working for quite a long time and is popular.

Calculations and information

The application allows you to conduct complex calculations in many areas, including math, physics, chemistry, computer calculations, natural sciences. You can get data about historical events and celebrities. The knowledge base covers all major spheres of life - medicine, economics, music, and so on. On the start page there are tools for calculations. In a special form you need to enter an equation, function or problem. After launching, the solution is displayed on the screen. It is possible to display the entire solution process step by step. A separate option allows you to view alternative solutions. The result can be copied to an external file. There is also a built-in module for working with graphs. Various equations and additional conditions can be used as input data. The scale and format of the graph can be flexibly customized.


An extensive section with theoretical materials is available in the main menu. You can find the required formula, examples of calculations, explanation of solutions and much more. The material is structured, keyword search is available. In reading mode, the program allows you to adjust the font size and other text parameters. The help section describes the main features of the program, interface elements, menu sections and a list of all areas presented. General recommendations for the effective use of the database are given, work with graphs and other tools is described.


  • extensive knowledge base and algorithms;
  • performing calculations;
  • output of the obtained solution in step-by-step mode;
  • work with graphs;
  • free download.

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