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Category: VPN
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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BitVPN is an Android application for accessing the network via VPN servers. Intermediate nodes are located in different countries, providing a high level of anonymity.

Server selection

After launching the program, a list of currently available servers is displayed. Basic information is displayed next to it, including the country of location. To start, you need to select the desired node, the IP address will be changed. Additional encryption provides the desired level of protection, even if the user uses a public access point. After successful connection, an icon with the image of the key will be displayed on the notification panel. Additionally, information about the server and statistics of the current connection - the amount of data received and transmitted - are displayed. To disconnect it is enough to press the button again.


In addition to increasing anonymity, the program allows you to get full access to resources that are blocked by territoriality. All requests come from an intermediate server, which allows you to change the location. The ability to select a country allows you to access a site that is available only in certain countries. The functionality is not limited - you can watch videos, download files, register and so on. It is worth taking into account that the basic version of the program has a limitation on the maximum access speed. Also, only a part of VPN servers is available for connection. To remove the blockage, you need to activate a paid subscription. In the main menu you can find the available tariffs, cost and payment methods. Additionally, all paid options are listed. A brief instruction on how to work with the service is provided.


  • anonymity and data encryption are provided;
  • you can choose a server before connecting;
  • simple interface;
  • blocking bypass;
  • the free version has a speed limit.
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