Category: Entertainment
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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MuslimMuna is an Android application that allows you to study the religious texts of Islam. It is possible to determine the direction of Qibla and the time of namaz. An extensive library is built in, audio playback mode is provided.


The program contains the full text of the Quran in several languages, including English and Arabic. Surahs and juzas can be listened to through the built-in player. All necessary settings and options are provided, you can customize the playback speed. During playback, basic information such as total time, title and so on is displayed. A large number of parameters are provided for customizing the text - changing the size, font, orientation and brightness of the backlight. This allows you to choose the optimal mode for any type of screen. A Favorites panel is available, where you can add individual juzas and ayats. The next section contains hadiths of Prophet Muhammad, evening and morning azkars. Dua are available, which for convenience are divided into categories: nature, home, food and so on. Navigation through the categories is implemented conveniently, there is a search mode. Selected items can also be added to favorites, to form your own selection with quick access.


For all functions to work, you must first allow the utility to access GPS. This will allow you to automatically determine the direction of Qibla. A separate tab contains the exact time of five namazes, it is possible to activate the notification of approaching prayer. Additionally, the time of sunset and sunrise is indicated. Built-in Gregorian and Muslim calendars with the main events - fasting days, holidays, important dates. You can switch between months, to view the information you need to click on the desired date - a new panel with a list of all events will open. A brief description is provided.


  • Quran text in several languages;
  • Muslim calendar;
  • customization of notifications;
  • built-in player;
  • Qibla direction detection;
  • free download.

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