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System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
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Mailbox is an email client for Android. You can connect multiple accounts, sort emails into catalogs, use search, and more.


The utility is integrated with the platform Dropbox you can use your cloud service account to log in. Integration of different services is supported, including Gmail and iCloud. Setup is carried out in a convenient step-by-step mode, no special skills are required.

Incoming messages

To access folders, you need to use the button in the upper left corner of the screen. The following categories are used by default:
  • archive;
  • trash;
  • incoming messages;
  • pending;
  • sent;
  • groups by recipients.
You can change their location and add new directories. There is a search module that allows you to search by address, sender name and subject. By default, the interface displays the folder with incoming e-mails. The upper part of the window has a panel with available functions. You can move to the archive, to the trash, automatically group all e-mails from one recipient. Standard tools for filtering messages are available. A separate option allows you to quickly mark a letter as spam, a blacklist is provided. Restrictions allow you to immediately filter advertising and fraudulent messages. The program also supports the delayed viewing mode. You can select a specific date or choose an option from the list. A full description of all available functions can be found in the help section. The main elements of the interface are described, there are instructions for connecting new accounts, as well as a number of useful tips to improve the efficiency of work.


  • mail client allows you to connect several accounts;
  • integration with cloud catalog;
  • delayed viewing;
  • sorting by folders;
  • the developer has now discontinued official support for the project;
  • free download.
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