Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 134


SkyPhone - the presented utility helps users to communicate by means of video and voice calls on mobile devices with Android version. They can talk at the highest sound quality and video resolution. Calls can be made only to contacts who have installed this application. Noise interference can be removed during the conversation.

Virtual number and calls

No authorization process is needed to use the program. After installation, a person is assigned a virtual number that he or she can give to his or her contacts to make calls. If desired, you can specify your surname and first name, as well as a nickname. The utility provides the possibility of saving all calls. With the help of the application, users can communicate through voice and video calls on their mobile devices. To do this, you need to provide access to the camera and microphone of the smartphone to start communicating. The number is dialed on the keyboard of the phone or tablet. The user can mute the sound or video at any time, if necessary. It is also possible to remove all extraneous noises when conducting a conversation. For example, when the subscriber is on the street or in the train. In the settings, you can include different modes and change the music when calling. You can exclude unwanted people from the list of available calls, as well as customize the signal with good sound if the connection is poor. You can apply a dark theme in the design of the interface.

Distinctive features

The following points can be attributed to them:
  • It is free for all users to install and use;
  • It is possible to communicate by voice or video;
  • You can put your own music on the call or add vibration;
  • There is no need to register and specify personal data in a mandatory manner;
  • You can work with the program on all current versions of Android.

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