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KASE Mobile

KASE Mobile
Category: News
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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KASE Mobile - the presented utility is presented specially for those who are connected with Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. It helps users to learn how to conduct a comparative analysis of the securities market in order to successfully make a profit. The application is designed for investors who have decided to try their hand at investing in shares, currencies and issuers on the territory of Kazakhstan.

Analytics and training

The program can be used by both novice investors and professionals. It provides them with all the current news that is happening on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. Users can follow the quotations of various shares and other securities. If desired, it is possible to view the rates of world currencies and the main indicators, including indicators of the KASE index, as well as learn the latest news from the stock market and exchanges of the republic. At any time it is possible to get information about all past trades and find out the price of bonds of state companies. Users can undergo special training in the utility, when they have training trades with real quotes and charts. After such lessons, one can analyze any market information to apply financial instruments on the stock exchange. Among them, one can list foreign currencies, stocks and other trading items. They can be added to the "Favorites" category at any time so that they are located in the general list of the application's service. You can keep an eye on the change in the value of all securities. And it does not matter that it increased or on the contrary decreased. When receiving such information, the user can always sell his shares for a profit. There are several languages of use in the utility, which can be changed.

Distinctive Characteristics

These include the following features:
  • It is always possible to follow the desired quotes of securities;
  • You can try your hand at a training stock exchange;
  • Constant information about government securities is available;
  • There are indicators and charts to monitor the value of traded items;
  • Installation and downloading is free of charge;
  • You can work with the utility on all modern Android systems.

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