Category: Recording
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 119


MorphMe is an Android utility that allows you to spoof a person's face in a video. The platform is purely entertainment in nature and uses a pre-trained neural network model to work.

Preparation for work

After launching the program, you need to select the mode of operation - video or photo. Then you need to upload a source file or use the camera. The cropping function allows you to manually specify the desired face in the photo. The main work is carried out in automatic mode, the user only needs to specify the basic parameters. There are tools for face correction - you can change the size of eyes, nose, add makeup, change hair color and so on. A separate option opens the list of available effects.

Video generation

Deep learning technology is used for high-quality integration of a new face into a video. The algorithm preliminarily analyzes all the features of the face and then embeds it into the original photo or video. This ensures full synchronization with head movement, which provides the right level of believability. Once the project is complete, you can save it to your mobile device or share it immediately using a social network. In advance, you can select the format and basic file parameters. It is worth considering that in the free version, a watermark is added to the clip or photo. To remove the element you need to subscribe. A full description of the advantages of the paid version, cost and payment methods can be found in the help section. If you have any questions during the payment process, you can contact the developers. A separate tab contains a description of the program and its features. There is a selection of recommendations that will allow you to use all the advantages of the program.


  • neural network is used to change the face;
  • lip movement synchronization function;
  • ready-made templates for projects;
  • a small watermark is automatically added in the free version.

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