Category: Social media
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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TenChat - the developers have made available to users a utility that allows them to register to communicate in the social network of the same name. This communication is designed for business people who are engaged in business and need advice and recommendations. In essence, the program is presented in the form of mobile content of a well-known network for convenience and comfort in use. Clients of such a service are freelancers, entrepreneurs and other individuals who work for themselves.

Registration and social functions with features

The authorization procedure takes place only when an active phone number is specified, so that there is confidence that the account will be used by a real person. The utility is designed for those who need support and development of their entrepreneurial endeavors. It involves creating profiles separately for three categories of users. Individual entrepreneurs (businessmen), employees and freelancers can register. They provide all relevant information about themselves with photos. During authorization, you can specify the area of interest. For example, logistics, national economy or banking structure, as well as many others. Managers of companies can find workers for themselves and form conditions for further cooperation with customers and consumers. You can communicate via a special messenger. In the social network there is a daily mass mailing about various news. Here, employees can find a more decent job for themselves if they pass an interview on this service. For freelancing there is a search for orders. If desired, you can even open your own business. In the utility, you can leave comments and put likes. You can expose your posts and materials of different formats.

Features of the application that distinguish it from similar content

The following nuances can be included in this list:
  • Communication takes place through a special network for business, created for certain categories of people;
  • It has its own messenger for correspondence;
  • It is possible to find any lot that is subject to auction sale due to bankruptcy;
  • It is possible to check any company for prosperity;
  • It is possible to view vacancies and rating in the field of business;
  • It is free to install and use;
  • You can work with the utility on any device with an up-to-date version of Android.
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