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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Phoenix allows you to change the firmware in an old "Nokia" phone. The program installs and updates software on mobile devices of the last generation. The program works with phones that do not support the Symbian operating system and were produced much earlier. The devices with old stuffing are called "ringer". Phoenix quickly flashes old phones from Nokia, without OS support. The utility is distributed on a free license. This program is an "antique", because there are not so many similar programs. The utility is available in an old version, so its compatibility with new Windows OS is problematic. If necessary, you can use an operating system emulator and run even the oldest version of the Phoenix program.

Available functionality

The main function of the utility is to install and update new hardware on older generation phones that run on their own platform. The program "flashes" devices that work and in the "dead" - the device is turned off or broken. Before flashing the phone, extract all data to a third-party media. Phoenix "restores" non-working mobile devices. Use the program and return the old firmware of the device. Installation of new software and firmware reset is available in Prommer Tool. Additional tools are available in the utility that allow you to view information inside the device and work with its files. The Phoenix Browser add-on component shows common folders and files as well as hidden distributions. The utility's auxiliary tool, MobiMB Browser, provides device pairing by adding Bluetooth and IrDA (infrared port) connections to the program. If necessary, use the "Format C" tool, which formats the device internal memory.

Program composition

Phoenix program and Nokia Connectivity Cable USB universal driver with FLS- and FUSE Connection Manager drivers are installed on your computer.

Key features

  • Compatible with most older Nokia devices;
  • allows not only flashing mobile devices, but also working in the phone using the built-in browser;
  • restores and "re-flashes" non-working phones;
  • installs a package of necessary drivers;
  • crack the password of the device's data storage and security code (JAF).
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