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System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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JYou is an app designed for those who like to track their steps and heart rate, as well as monitor their sleeping state. It works on all current versions of Android. Users can set reminders and monitor sleep quality at any time.

Sleep and Steps

For the utility to work, one or two alarms need to be triggered to start fixing sleep, which can be daytime and nighttime. Or conduct an activation when one is simply drinking tea or coffee and is at rest. A chart with all the relevant details is then made from the information collected. It is collected over several reporting months in order to evaluate sleep at any time of the day. The user will be notified if he has not slept enough at night, if his rest is behind schedule. Sleep can be compensated for during the daytime. As an add-on, it is possible to receive data about the quality of sleep or rest during the day so that the program will give the highest score. To count steps, you need to go into the app and then simply place the device in your pocket. After walking, you can get information about your blood pressure and the calories that were burned. Also learn about the distance traveled in kilometers and the number of steps. Walking history can be stored for up to several months.

Differences from similar applications

The following qualities can be attributed to them:
  • The utility is developed specifically for tracking the quality of sleep and counting steps in walking, as well as determining the distance;
  • According to user reviews, many tools do not function. Often the program crashes and does not work correctly;
  • If desired, you can set a number of alarms that will track your sleep at different times of the day;
  • No advertising content;
  • Installation and use of the presented content for all users is completely free of charge;
  • It works on all current Android systems that are installed on mobile devices.

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