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A1 banking

A1 banking
Category: Finance
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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A1 banking is a mobile utility developed for citizens living in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. It is designed for online payment for various services and purchases. Residents can pay for communication, television, goods and so on. With the help of the application it is possible to make almost any monetary transactions, including transfers. At the same time, it is possible in the program to use an electronic wallet.

Payments, finances and registration

The above program contains internet banking with many features and functions. Belarusians can pay without any commission fees for purchases and services. If desired, it is possible to pay for the use of television or cellular communication, as well as for the purchased fuel at gas stations. The functionality of the utility is very wide. As tools, you can apply P2P support to the card of any republican bank, set up payment reminders and notifications in the form of sms. The application can be used for contactless payment. Besides it is possible to make payments by means of QR codes. It is possible to pass the authorization process by indicating the number of the active phone, including for MTS subscribers. For the users, who have created an account in the application, there are unique opportunities. You can link several cards of different payment systems at once. In addition, the program has its own electronic wallet, where you can store funds. The limit does not exceed one hundred rubles. With them you can pay in a single settlement space. It is also possible at any time to monitor the balance or issue a card, where there is a maniback. In the utility, you can monitor the status of each card individually, when up-to-date information about all payment transactions and the amount of the balance is provided.

Distinctive Characteristics

The following features of the utility can be attributed to them:
  • It is a mobile banking for Belarusians with wide opportunities;
  • It is possible to make transfers and other payments;
  • There is a virtual wallet with a linked card;
  • When logging in, you can set a pin code or ID protection;
  • Installation and use is completely free of charge for users;
  • Work can be carried out on all modern Android systems.

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