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Kuna is an official cryptocurrency exchange that was created and operates in Ukraine. With its help, you can conduct a variety of transactions and operations with koins and tokens. You can buy and sell, trade in pairs and so on.

Working with fiat

Unlike many other cryptocurrency exchanges, Kuna knows how to work with fiat. Here you can buy coins for real money, or simply enter fiat funds into the balance of the exchange. This exchange works with dollars, hryvnias and rubles. You can enter them using international bank cards. Further, all conversion operations are performed inside the exchange without commissions. To sell coins and withdraw money from the exchange, you can also use the fiat features of Kuna. To do this, simply sell tokens to receive fiat money and withdraw it to a bank card or electronic payment systems. The exchange is able to withdraw funds to the same payment methods used to fund your account.


Classic trading is possible in manual format, or with the use of orders. The user can set the automatic purchase or sale of coins when a certain threshold value is reached. After the transaction, you will receive a notification from the exchange. All quotes are received instantly, which allows you to trade with assets at their real value without delays.

Nuances of registration

At the moment, while going through the registration procedure, there is a problem with entering the captcha. It simply does not load, which makes the procedure of further authorization simply impossible.

Main features

  • The application is an official client of the cryptocurrency exchange;
  • There are functions on fiat and cryptocurrency trading;
  • There are functions of trading on orders;
  • Works with hryvnias, dollars and rubles;
  • At the moment, registration is not possible due to unloading captcha.
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