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This software has been created for testing as well as diagnosing vehicles. It works in conjunction with a special adapter. It also has a built-in encyclopedia that has a wide variety of breakdowns, as well as information on how to fix and repair them. MotorData is an application that diagnoses your car using an ELM327 adapter.


The software solution is a must-have for anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on repairs at a service and prefers to fix the breakdown on their own. If you do not want to give money to service centers, but you can figure out and repair the car yourself, then this application is what you need. MotorData provides all the information you need to fix all kinds of problems. You just need to look in the manual and see the step-by-step scheme of solving this or that problem.

User interface and functionality of the application

The program has a very user-friendly graphical interface, which even the least experienced user will be able to understand. When you open the application, you will see various modules, which you can use to test the operation of your car, as well as to predict the possibility of any breakdown. In the "Diagnostics" module, as the name suggests, you can check the entire system of your car by simply connecting the previously purchased adapter to it. Without the adapter, you have no way to do the check and also to find out about the malfunctions of the car. The "Reference Data" module is reserved for information that relates to the repair of the car. Here you will learn all the most necessary for troubleshooting. In the information base of this application there is a large amount of data that relates to a wide variety of car models. In general, MotorData can be called a universal solution, which is suitable for troubleshooting almost any car.

Main features

To perform diagnostics, you need to use this software, as well as a special adapter, which must be purchased. The application works with cars of various manufacturers. The program has a large database of information that will help you cope with all sorts of problems.
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