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System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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BitGame is a software that provides an opportunity to earn digital currency through draws. There is a simple English-language interface. There is an opportunity to attach a wallet to withdraw earned coins.

Account and drawings

The user does not have to create an account in this service. However, in order to withdraw the funds earned through drawings, you will need to attach an electronic wallet. Otherwise, the user will not be able to get the winnings. This utility allows you to receive satoshi. This is the name of the hundred-millionth part of Bitcoin. To earn the previously mentioned currency, a person only needs to participate in a special lottery. It takes place every fifteen minutes. All a user needs to do is to click on the inscription "Play Now". After that, the user will be displayed a random number, whose value is equal to the amount of winnings.

Internal account

Funds received through the lottery are automatically deposited into an internal account. They cannot be withdrawn at once. First, a person needs to accumulate 25 thousand satoshis. When the required amount is collected, the user will need to go to the parameters of the utility and leave a request for withdrawal of electronic currency to the attached wallet. It is worth noting that the creators are able to reject applications for withdrawal of electronic funds. Such a decision of the developers may be due to suspicion of using bots to quickly earn satoshi.

Test results

In the mobile program, you can really participate in regularly held lotteries. Nevertheless, it is extremely problematic to accumulate the required amount for withdrawal. Therefore, this function could not be tested.


  • Free utility that works on modern versions of Android;
  • The ability to participate in drawings of digital currency;
  • It is allowed to attach a wallet;
  • To withdraw winnings, you need to accumulate at least 25 thousand satoshis;
  • English-language interface text.
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