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Category: Maps
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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AirMap - the presented utility thoroughly familiarizes users with all information that relates to the navigation and characteristics of quadcopters and other UAVs. When using his drone, the owner can view any maps of the flight terrain and even get permission to fly using feedback. The program functions on mobile devices with Android versions that are current today.

Planning, support and requirements

Users can get information on the territories of twenty countries where quadrocopter flights are possible. Among them are the United States and Germany, as well as other countries. Each state sets its individual rules for drones. Therefore, the owner of the drone must adhere to them. With the help of a utility, you can plan in advance to fly at the right height and trajectory, which are set by the rules of this or that area. Traffic alerts can be received in real time, and it is also possible to view flight data of publicly available airplanes. Information about closed territories is also listed in the program. When flying, you can customize the degree of privacy and the measurement system. In the application, you can interact with UAVs that have DJl controllers installed. The control takes place via wi-fi wireless communication. For the program to work in normal mode, you need to enable GPS navigation on the device. In order to receive notifications in the reality format, it is necessary to pass the authorization procedure.

Distinctive characteristics

The following points can be attributed to them:
  • You can install and use the program without any financial investment;
  • There is all allowed information about the air navigation systems of twenty countries;
  • An application has been developed for pilots of drones and other types of unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • It is possible to plan flights with notification of traffic and restrictive measures in certain areas;
  • You can get information about restricted areas for flights;
  • All functionality works on modern Android systems.
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