Category: Recording
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Archos is a multifunctional program that can be installed on Android-based devices. This video player supports a huge number of formats, including the most popular ones. In addition, it is able to work with android TV and supports 3D. Here you can watch a wide variety of content, including videos, series and movies. It can be run not only on phones, but also on tablets and android TV. In general, it is quite easy and simple to use the capabilities of the software, as there is an intuitive interface with convenient navigation. The program itself can be installed completely free of charge.


The presented mobile client gives you the opportunity to play clips from the gallery of your phone, computer, servers, cloud storage or USB storage. All media content is displayed in one assortment, making it easy to find files. The application supports many formats and works with subtitles. Due to the reverse decoding acceleration, you can get rid of delays that are often accompanied in other similar utilities. The software can work with android TV and support the inclusion of three-dimensional video.


Content in the catalog can be sorted by rating, title, season, duration and other criteria. The web product searches for descriptions and images to movie content automatically.


The main menu can be activated by clicking the icon in the left corner. It gives access to all content and to individual sections. Here you can also configure access to the cloud and servers. A separate menu allows you to save individual preferences for subtitles and multi-audio tracks.


  • Ability to watch a variety of videos;
  • availability of subtitles and audio tracks;
  • possibility to purchase a license;
  • sorting of files by different parameters;
  • compatibility with android.
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