Logo Maker

Logo Maker
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
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Logo Maker - the presented utility is designed for creating and adjusting logos on mobile devices with Android version. Users can use the built-in graphics editor to make their own logos using templates and adding a signature. One can use different tools while creating. They can use different fonts and letters with lots of pictures.

Editor and saving

After launching the program, you need to press a special button to start making a logo. When creating, you can use a lot of pictures and templates. If you need to rotate or make the work larger, there are special functions for this. You can upload graphic elements or use your own ideas. When uploading your files, you need to ensure that the application has access to your phone. Any color shades and designs are available when creating logos. In addition, you can add text in any font and transparency of letter values. There is a separate tab for creating a shadow on the logo. After creation, the logo is saved on the mobile device. The utility provides an option to send it to email or any messenger. You can also transfer it via wireless communication devices to another device.

Differences from similar content

The following points can be included in this list:
  • You can download and install without any financial expenses;
  • You can create unique logos using a large number of images and templates;
  • You can apply graphic elements and any color shade;
  • If possible, you can add text in different fonts;
  • The created work can be saved on your smartphone or shared in social networks or messengers;
  • The program functionality works on modern Android systems.

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