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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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SoloLearn is a mobile program that helps users to learn different programming languages. With the help of the materials available in the application, users can start learning from the basics and later master the desired language at a professional level. The program content is available in Russian. The utility offers courses in PHP, C++, Ruby, SQL and many other languages.

Getting Started

Before gaining access to training courses, a person will need to authorize using an account Facebook or Google the software will then display a list of available classes. It should be noted that fresh lessons are constantly added to the application. The lessons presented in the mobile utility are suitable not only for beginners, but also for experienced programmers. Among the languages available for learning there are: Java, Python, SQL, C#, CSS, Swift, PHP and many others.


The user is free to choose any course from the presented list and start mastering it. Learning the language starts with the simplest things, after which there is a gradual transition to more complex aspects of programming. Especially for reading theoretical materials, a reader is added to the mobile utility. At the same time, the user is allowed to change the size of characters to suit his preferences. Each training course has tests and practical tasks. The latter can be performed directly in the mobile program through the built-in program code editor. You can leave your comments under any lesson. Thanks to this, participants of the online service are able to discuss the passed material and help each other with difficulties.


  • Free program that allows you to learn many programming languages;
  • You need to authorize before using it;
  • Full support for new versions of the Android system;
  • A system of customizable alerts is implemented;
  • There are classes on CSS, Java, C++ and many other languages;
  • A program code editor and a reader are built into the utility;
  • There is an opportunity to comment on tutorials.
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