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Wang VPN

Wang VPN
Category: VPN
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Wang VPN is a utility that provides access to VPN servers. With their help it is possible to protect your personal data while using the Internet, as well as to get access to blocked resources, if any.

Connecting to VPN

Connection will require simply clicking on the icon in the very center of the user interface. This will launch an attempt to connect to the VPN server. If it is successful, a corresponding key will appear in the upper part of the notification field, which indicates that the connection to the wireless network has been established. Note that a second attempt may also be required due to the peculiarities of the technology itself. Once connected, you will not only be able to visit blocked resources, but also provide your own protection from targeted attacks on the Internet. The fact is that all these attacks will be directed to the server, which has resistance from them due to its security protocols.


Using the settings field you can set some parameters of the application operation. For example, you can set the maximum possible connection time. There is also a choice of countries to connect to, automatic detection of proxy server and much more. An inexperienced user should use the basic settings, as they are the most optimal for the operation of the VPN service.

Main features

  • The program is designed to connect your smartphone to a VPN network;
  • With its help, you can view blocked content, as well as protect yourself from malicious attacks;
  • To connect, you just need to click on the corresponding button in the center of the interface;
  • There are additional settings to ensure more correct operation of the VPN service.

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