Category: Recording
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 135


AirMore is a program responsible for synchronizing a portable Android device with a laptop or desktop computer. With the help of the utility, users can transfer various files, check call history and much more. The application has an intuitive English-language interface.


To establish a connection between a portable gadget and a computer or laptop, a person should connect them to one network. Next, the user will need to open the official website of the utility on the PC. This can be done through any browser, including Mozilla Firefox and Opera. After opening the necessary web resource a person will have to scan the QR code and wait a little while synchronization between devices is established. It should be noted that the creators have equipped the program with an advanced encryption method. Due to this the user's data is reliably protected from hacking and leaks.

Program features

After successful synchronization, the PC or laptop screen will start broadcasting what is happening on the portable device. From that moment on, the person will have access to many useful functions. One of them gives the opportunity to transfer a variety of files from one device to another. The utility supports work with videos, songs, text documents, pictures and much more. With the help of the mobile utility, the user can run mobile software and use it through his laptop or desktop computer. Also, the software allows you to manage files that are in the memory of the portable gadget.


  • English language interface;
  • Ability to control the mobile gadget through a laptop or computer;
  • Free program, compatible with many versions of the Android system;
  • The presence of a function responsible for the transfer of images, videos and other content;
  • It is possible to manage files from the built-in memory of the phone or tablet.

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