Category: Other (Travel)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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DAWAY is a Ukrainian online service that allows you to order a cab. There are several methods of payment for the trip. There is a built-in map. It is possible to communicate with cab drivers through calls and text messages.


The first thing a person will need to do is to authorize. When this step is completed, the user will be able to order a cab. In this case, the user is allowed to choose between several fare plans. Among them: minivan, comfort, economy and others. Fares are differentiated by car models, driver experience and cost. There is a map in the software. With its help, you can put marks indicating the points of the beginning and end of the trip. However, if desired, a person is able to write addresses manually. Also, the program is able to independently determine the current location of the user. To do this, the user needs to allow the utility to use geolocation. When a person specifies the desired tariff and makes a route, the program will display the price of the trip. Then the user will have to choose a suitable payment method and confirm the order. It is worth noting that after confirming the order, the person is still able to make changes to it. For example, the user is allowed to add an additional stop on the route and change the payment method.

Additional functions

When the trip is over, the user will be offered to rate the cab driver's performance. In addition to rating, the user can write a detailed review, pointing out specific shortcomings of the service. If the user did not like the trip at all, he is able to blacklist the cab driver.


  • Full compatibility with all current versions of OC;
  • Ability to use cab services;
  • The service operates in Ukraine;
  • Allowed to write reviews;
  • There are several different tariffs;
  • Allowed to call and write to drivers.

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