Category: Other (Network)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 140


FIREPROBE is an Android utility designed to analyze network connectivity. Russian language translation of the interface is available. The program supports working with both Wi-Fi and mobile networks. The utility shows advertising banners. Some options are available only in the paid version of the software.

Checking the network

In the start section of the mobile utility, you can quickly check various parameters of the Internet connection. Among the information provided by the program are:
  • Delay in sending data on the network;
  • Delay between the device and the network;
  • The speed of data upload and download.
In addition to the values described above, the user can also examine other information. To do this, just open the extended version of the report generated by the program.

Map and parameters

In the corresponding section of the software, a map is available to the user. It shows the current connection quality in different regions. If the network is stable, the map shows a green circle. In case of network malfunctions, the user will see a yellow, orange or red circle, depending on the severity of the problem. In the parameters of the mobile program you can configure the server used and a number of other settings. Also here the user can download reports to the memory of the mobile gadget.


You can use the utility for free. However, if you purchase the premium version of the program, the user will have a number of new features. For example, a person will be able to enable background network checking. In addition, all advertising content will disappear from the utility.


  • The ability to check the quality of the Internet connection;
  • Free access to most of the utility's features;
  • There is a map showing the stability of the network in different regions;
  • Full operability on current versions of OC;
  • There is a section with the history of previous network checks.

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