Category: Recording
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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MoShow is an Android application for creating videos based on a set of photos. A large number of melodies and animations are available for video design. It is possible to immediately adapt the file to a particular platform or social network. A convenient workspace is used, which facilitates the process.

Creating a clip

Beforehand, you need to upload the initial set of files. To do this, you need to click on the button at the top of the page and select the desired images in the window that opens. After uploading the images, you can proceed to further customization. The built-in toolbar allows you to add text blocks and animations from the catalog. To facilitate customization, you can use ready-made templates. The option to add a melody is provided. You can use the built-in set or upload your own track. Work is carried out in step-by-step mode, all items except animation can be skipped. The finished video can be saved to a local directory or immediately published in a social network. There is an option to send it via messenger.

Paid subscription

A paid version of the program is available, which allows you to expand its capabilities. The maximum number of uploaded photos is increased, access to additional content is activated. The watermark is removed, support for 16:9 format appears, and much more. A full list of features, cost and payment instructions can be found in the help section. Also provided is a description of the program's features and recommendations, which allows you to create professional content. The program allows you to test the functionality, but you must provide payment information to access it. After the trial period, the money will be charged automatically.


  • Creating videos from a set of images;
  • working in step-by-step mode
  • publishing to social networks;
  • built-in content catalog;
  • free download.

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