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AddOns Maker

AddOns Maker
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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AddOns Maker - this utility is designed for fans of the game in Minecraft. In it you can create mods for this popular "toy". The basis of the work of the program is the development of modifications, where you can change not only the texture with parameters, but also the ability with skills and behavior of mobs. Users can, when using the tools of the application, make original changes to the game, adding their own features and functions. It functions on mobile devices on the current Android base.

Editor and Mods

Users can change the very behavior and skills of the representatives of the animal world. At their request, the mobs will learn to ride horses, learn teleportation, use the right equipment and other skills. The program provides an opportunity to update the skin of animals. It can be changed to the appearance of a bat or zombie. In addition, choose sea mobs to teach them all the necessary arsenal for the game. This list includes a dolphin, a drowned man with a phantom. Crabs, frogs and even sharks can also be added here. Players can independently add to the playing field furniture accessories or equipment with musical instruments. You can easily modify individual elements. For example, armor or any object. You can change and textures, as well as behavior with skills. To create original mods and additional game functions, the utility has a large number of tools. As an example, you can take a chicken that can shoot fireballs. Users always have the opportunity to change the characteristics of each element of the game. They can automatically move their addon into the game. To do this, it is enough to activate the gameplay in experimental form.

Distinctive features

The following characteristics can be attributed to them:
  • You can get involved in creating mods for the popular game;
  • A large custom assortment of different mobs is presented;
  • You can change the habits and abilities of animals and heroes;
  • You can customize to your liking textures and skins;
  • Install with further use of the program can be installed on a free basis;
  • Creating addons can be done on all modern Android systems.

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