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Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Smart Recorder - the presented utility helps users to record their voice on a voice recorder. They have a unique opportunity to record their conversations without any pauses, which allows you to significantly save the length of the sound track. The record of communication with another person can be saved in audio format. The application works on mobile devices with Android version.

Recording and customization

An important distinguishing feature is that the recorder skips silence when people are talking to each other. This action occurs automatically when there is no speech. Such moments are simply not saved in the memory. The program is designed only for a clean recording of the conversation, where there are no unnecessary gaps. This feature helps to reduce the duration of the sound track, which means that the mobile device will take up less memory and there will be no breaks in human dialog. As an example, a user would take the action of leaving the app on all night. The voice recorder will only record the sounds or conversation while sleeping. The program can be configured to exclude pauses during communication to sensitivity, when it will not respond to specific sound moments. To use the voice recorder, you need to give it access to some files of the device. Only after that you can carry out the recording of conversations. It can record even when the screen is turned off. At any time, the user can stop it, cancel recording or resume again. The program provides audio quality selection, noise free recording setting and leaving the display on all the time. The recordings can be stored in such a way that no unauthorized player can play them back. The app cannot record phone conversations. It is possible to save conversations between interlocutors if you disable the ban on your smartphone. But, this is prohibited by law

The differences between the app and similar content

The following features can be included in this list:
  • You can record various sounds, including human speech without any pauses;
  • The microphone can be adjusted for sensitivity;
  • You can download and install it at no cost;
  • The functioning of the program is designed for mobile devices with Android version,

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